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About Us

Professional dance and music school

FLAME STUDIO is Toronto’s most stylish music and dance studio, with not only cool and stylish hip-hop , rigid Chinese classical dance , gas-intensive Yoga , domineering models , There are also handsome and infectious drums , elegant and beautiful violin , lyrical Romantic guitar , cool DJ and so on. Our senior instructors will ensure you are always in the right direction of your art journey.

Small class teaching

Dance classes are taught in small classes of no more than 10 people, classes are offered at three different age groups: 5-10 years old, 10-15 years old and adult. We divide our class by three levels, basic, intermediate, and advanced. Musical instrument Lessons use one-on-one teaching to ensure quality.

Professional and systematic training

We not only have a strong faculty to provide students with targeted system training, but also professional photography, recording artists and production teams to record the students ‘ own dance MV and music works, to create a dance and music stars

Commercial performances

We undertake all kinds of commercial performances, whether it is a company annual gala, large stage, wedding scene or private party, our professional dance troupe and pop band will burn the whole scene. Please contact us to learn more.
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